Ceramic orthodontics in Paris by Dr Topolanski

The ceramic braces orthodontic technique is a device made from very discreet white external fasteners. This treatment is intended for adults as well as children and teenagers, it works for all age groups.

Ceramic braces orthodontics : what is it?

The braces are also accompanied by white threads that bind them together. This type of orthodontics is very appreciated by our patients and during their first consultation, we explain the advantages and the important points to them:

  • First, in terms of appearance, this is a very discreet device. Everything that composes it is white in color which gives a rendering in accordance with your teeth. Conversely, metallic braces are much more conspicuous, which can make the patient’s willingness to undergo orthodontic treatment of this type difficult. So, as much for children / adolescents in middle school / high school as for adults in professional life, it is always a discreet system that appeals to people.
  • The second advantage relates to the pecuniary order. In fact, compared to other types of treatments which require more sophisticated techniques, this ceramic treatment is less expensive. This treatment is just as effective as the invisible treatment that I perform in my orthodontic practice in Paris. The difference lies in the technique used.
  • Finally, the last positive point is its performance: this orthodontic treatment adapts to all types of patient cases. It can adjust all dental offsets, classic or rare. Of course, it also works for all ages, both in children and adults.

For which cases is this treatment intended?

This orthodontic device is a technique that many patients can use. It is a relevant treatment to prevent or restore alignment issues in a child, teenager or adult patient. Thus, this is a solution that addresses many different cases: incorrectly positioned teeth, teeth compressed one on top of the other or on the contrary too far apart, misaligned teeth …

These bands can then correct any form of malocclusion, open bite or offset between upper and lower teeth. Depending on your case, we analyze your wishes together and discuss the realization of your future ceramic treatment.

The stages of ceramic orthodontic treatment in Paris

The first meeting to find out about your profile and your expectations

First, we meet to find out what you want, then I analyze your teeth. It is very important for our team to understand your wishes in order to subsequently be able to perfectly develop your ceramic orthodontic treatment. For this, I will perform a diagnosis that will allow me to assess every detail of your teeth.

The goal is to analyze your teeth and gums to find out if this type of treatment is compatible and suitable for your dental problem. Often when you describe your case to us, we can analyze things that you might not have noticed on your own. For example, you can let us know if you want to just realign your teeth.

Then, by observing your face and teeth in every detail, we can see that you have your chin too far forward, for example. If you accept it, we can handle it perfectly and that’s why we are totally listening to you visually. Because indeed, each patient has their own ideas and expectations, and this first consultation aims to guide you towards the best for you.

Taking your dental impressions, x-rays and photos

Lasting approximately thirty minutes, the purpose of this appointment is to collect your dental impressions (or those of your child if the treatment is intended for him), as well as photos of your face from the front and in profile.

The elements that I will collect during this stage will serve me to develop your treatment in relation to the type of case you represent (recovery, front teeth, overlap…). This will also help us to have a benchmark on which to base our observation of your progress during treatment.

Molding your impressions and cleaning your teeth

As soon as we validate this ceramic ring treatment for you, we will design the precise device to be put in place. For that, I am going, from the diagnosis carried out, to “copy” the impressions in two casts per arch. To make these two casts stand out, I’m going to place a divider.

It is thanks to this that I will be able to put the rings on you later. Before installation, we always carry out an advanced cleaning of the tooth surface, in order to prevent the appearance of cavities during orthodontic treatment. The interest is also to prepare your teeth well when I fix your braces.

The installation of ceramic braces

Now that the outer surfaces of your teeth are clean, you are ready to move on to the bracing step. This phase takes place one to two weeks after their casts. We will therefore fix them for you first on each tooth. This intervention will last about an hour and a half to two hours.

Secondly, once we have placed your braces, we will connect them using a dental arch and rubber bands. The positioning of these elements is determined according to the orientation of the corrective action to be performed on your dentition.

Note that in case a ring comes off later or if the thread comes off (this is very rare), we will contact you urgently to resolve this small incident. Then, at the end of this step, we explain the rules to follow during this treatment so that everything runs smoothly.

Treatment and finishing touches

During the months of your treatment, we schedule several appointments that will allow us to observe your progress. On average, we see you every four to eight weeks, depending on each one. These consultations also have the purpose of monitoring or carrying out specific acts. For example, it is possible to have to make modifications of threads or to put in place invisible elastic chains

Finally, as soon as you arrive at the end of your treatment, we plan the last appointment which is that of the “stripping” and the installation of restraint.

Unbracing and installation of the restraint wire

During this last appointment, I will remove your braces and install your restraint device. Before putting it to you, we can take the opportunity to carry out a complete cleaning of your teeth. We then place a compression wire at the top and another at the bottom on the inner part of your teeth. Their role is to maintain the new alignment of your teeth in position for the long term.

Ceramic orthodontic treatment for children and teenagers

In my orthodontic practice in Paris 17, I offer this treatment for children and adolescents in addition to adults. For them, this treatment is a great alternative to metal braces because of its discretion. Indeed, at this age, we have a special relationship with our appearance, so it is important to take care of it.

This ceramic orthodontic treatment can be superimposed on other dental appliances, especially in children.

To know when to start orthodontic treatment for a child, we recommend that you make a first visit around the age of 6 or 7. This is when her first molars come out. However, we must not intervene too early. Teeth need time to emerge and find their place. If treatment is started before the 6-year-old teeth grow, it could complicate the growth of the teeth.

Check out our happy smiles!

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