Invisible treatment in Paris

The invisible treatment is a tailor-made invisible orthodontic technique available in Paris, among others. It consists of a series of transparent aligners adapted to the patient’s teeth. It is a brand of thermoformed aligners.

The aligners technique explained by Dr Topolanski

These aligners are created digitally in our orthodontic practice in Paris. We make them on the basis of your dental impressions using our iTero scanner: it is a modern tool that replaces the paste traditionally used for conventional orthodontic treatments.

Once you are ready to wear your aligners (we will explain the treatment steps a little below), I will give you the recommendations to apply so that everything takes place in the best conditions. We will also explain them to you in detail in the next few lines. These instructions are of major importance because they will help you stay on track with your treatment.

We will also explain the steps to follow to maintain good oral hygiene throughout your aligners treatment in Paris.

Invisible orthodontic brands that we carry out in our practice in Paris, are techniques that require the control of our expertise. Indeed, these are two devices that emit an automatic simulation of your treatment plan. This is why we work in a completely personalized way to offer you treatment in accordance with your wishes.

Dr Topolanski’s expertise in aligners in Paris

Why trust her?

Dr Topolanski practices the invisible technique in Paris with children, adolescents and adults on totally tailor-made treatments. She graduated with a title in Dentofacial Orthopedics in which she studied the bio-progressive technique without extractions.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of orthodontics, she now has an aligners certification which allows her to support her patients in a highly personalized way. This reassures them and makes a real difference in terms of quality in the development of the treatment.

Dr Topolanski has a very precise vision in the follow-up of his patients. With each child and adult she accompanies, it is fundamental for her to establish a climate of trust: she clearly explains each step of the treatment and how she proceeds. This way, patients know exactly what their treatment is and can start it with confidence.

The stages of aligners treatment in Paris

The first aligners consultation appointment in Paris

The first phase of aligners treatment is to know how this device can solve your problem. For this, I carry out a diagnosis which will determine the way in which I will develop aligners to your teeth. To make this diagnosis, we discuss together your expectations or those of your child if it is a treatment for him / her. Then, we will study your case together and explain the different possibilities that we are considering for your treatment.

This first phase also includes the presentation of the course of the treatment as well as its requirements. Among other things in the case of a child, we explain that it is extremely important that he is well motivated and rigorous because the aligners are to be worn 22 hours a day (to be removed simply during meals and brushing their teeth). Finally, it is during this first appointment that we present you the quote for the aligners treatment that you or your child will undergo.

The results: taking your dental impressions, x-rays and photographs

When you have chosen to start the aligners treatment, we meet to make your “assessment”. That day, we will take several x-rays and photographs of your or your child’s dental impressions.

For the children, this meeting remains pleasant because we take their dental impressions with a scanner called iTero. Indeed, we do not use the pink paste technique which can create discomfort and nausea.

Our team ensures that the patient feels comfortable and comfortable throughout the impression taking. All of these elements that we capture digitally will be used to develop step 3 called “Clincheck”, which is the simulation plan for your treatment.

Your treatment plan, the “Clincheck”

At the time of this step, we therefore have your dental impressions. We now create your treatment plan digitally on the “Clincheck” software. This phase, which bears the name of the software, is in fact a virtual simulation of your dental movements to create your aligners. I do this work on the computer and then tell you how your teeth will progressively move over the coming months.

To carry out this Clincheck, I use the x-rays and photographs of your assessment (2nd appointment). I thus adjust the position of each of your teeth and the cleats, paying the greatest attention to every detail.

At this stage, I present your treatment plan to you and we discuss together (duration of treatment, answer to your questions, etc.). After your validation, your aligners will be ready to be manufactured.

The installation of your aligners

Three to five weeks later, we give you an appointment to install your gutters. During this appointment, we will glue the cleats to you (these are composite points to create the displacement of your teeth) and install your first aligner. Then, I will give you your first sets of gutters and explain how they work, the rules to follow and how to take care of them.

They are to be changed every one to two weeks depending on your case. Among the indications, it is very important to wear them as much as possible so that the treatment goes as well as possible. For your children, be sure to make sure he takes them out only to eat and brush their teeth. It is of paramount importance to always keep the planned rhythm well.

Regular visits at the practice

When your treatment is started, we schedule regular visits every two to five months to monitor the progress. Among other things, I check if you need special actions or readjustments and give you the rest of your aligners.

Finally, when you come to remove your last aligner, we may need to readjust some places to achieve perfection. This is very common and we take the time to do this final reassessment.

Depending on the case, I will give you additional finishing aligners to wear for a few more days. Rest assured, the price will be unchanged: making adjustments is a normal final step that will not be charged additionally.

The final step: fitting the restraint

The last step is the one that will stabilize your treatment to consolidate it over the long term. This is a very important phase because its role is to keep your treatment going over the years to follow. We therefore put in place a restraining device that we glue to the back of your teeth.

I will also give you a safety aligner to wear for the night in case your thread breaks. This double compression is therefore a guarantee to maintain your treatment and to prolong its results in the long term. For this final stage, we see each other four to five times a year.

Aligners in Paris for children and adolescents

I also carry out the aligners treatment in Paris for children and adolescents. At this age, we place a lot of importance on our appearance. This invisible orthodontic treatment offers a very good alternative thanks to the discretion of transparent aligners.

Thus, our young patients are delighted to find this orthodontic system and we support them so that their treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Indeed, wearing aligners is a system that requires motivation: you have to take good care of them and above all make sure to wear them for the required time (22h / 24).

For a child, we are implementing a specific aligners treatment. We also specify that this treatment can be combined with early orthodontic appliances (such as a circuit breaker for example). In some cases, it is possible to start part of the treatment with a certain type of device and continue with aligners.

Finally, when it comes to sports activities for your child or teenager, aligners turns out to be an excellent alternative. They can continue to play sports by wearing their aligners for playing football, basketball, judo, etc. They can also practice swimming while wearing their aligners. Likewise, this is valid for music. Especially for the practice of wind instruments: they can quietly practice this type of instrument without being molested.

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