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Our telephone secretary is available Monday to Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The practice is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Who am I?

Dr Nathalie Topolanski

Orthodontist in Paris

Welcome to the website of my orthodontic practice located in the 17th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Malesherbes station. Here I practice invisible orthodontics treatments and also perform ceramic orthodontics techniques.

This website is intended to provide you with all the information on invisible and classic orthodontic treatments that I offer. Our treatments are intended for children, adolescents and adults.

You will find all the explanations of the treatments I perform there: invisible orthodontics and classic (self-ligating ceramic).

All explanations are accompanied by photos of Before / After cases. This will allow you to visualise yourself and we will be able to have a visual basis to discuss your treatment. Indeed, it is of major importance to be able to find quality information and explanations when you want to rehabilitate your smile.

To answer all your doubts and questions, I am present on social networks. You can follow me and ask me all your questions, I am very responsive to each message! I also have a YouTube channel where I explain different points of the aligners treatment. You can of course also contact me directly on my website. Have a great visit and see you soon!

Invisible orthodontics for children & adolescents

My orthodontist work in Paris encompasses all treatments for all ages.

Thus, I also perform this invisible orthodontic treatment with aligners for our young patients. We indeed have a large number of requests because at this age group, we prefer discreet treatment rather than braces which can make them feel insecure.

Orthodontics with ceramic brackets for children and teenagers

Another type of orthodontics, also very discreet, exists for children and teenagers. This is the orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces. These are white external fasteners which have the advantage of enhancing the overall appearance, compared to metal brackets. At this age, young adolescents take a great interest in their image, so it is important to offer them a treatment that will make them feel comfortable.

To put it in place, it is done relatively quickly: we meet during a first consultation and we put the braces on your child one to two weeks later. Then, follow-up visits are made to make sure everything is going well.

For pediatric patients, this system can be superimposed on other dental devices such as circuit breakers. However, orthodontic treatment should not be started too early. To analyze your child’s case, you can consult our orthodontic practice in Paris when your child turns 6 or 7 years old. This is the time when we can determine the first signs of dental alignment defects.

It is not recommended to inquire earlier than this age group. Teeth do indeed need time to be born and find their place. Starting treatment too early will put a brake on the development of their young teeth.

Discover invisible orthodontics

End-to-end tailored invisible orthodontic treatment

In my orthodontic practice located in Paris in the 17th arrondissement, we perform the invisible orthodontic treatment for adults, but also children and teenagers. It is a treatment that I carry out in a totally personalized way for each of our patients.

Aligners treatment consists of several steps, all of which require in-depth work to be 100% adapted to your profile. The part that will determine how well the treatment is accurate is called the “Clincheck” step. This is your treatment plan animated in 3D with the iTero scanner. I create it and personally adapt it on specific software after your dental impression at the office.

It is this step that we develop ourselves by studying with the greatest precision the solution that will suit you perfectly: I work on the movements of each of your teeth, one by one, set up all the coordination of the arches in anticipation of the future restraint, and adjust the position of each of the cleats.

Indeed, this personalization is fundamental: we could choose to entrust an external brand with the treatment plan and leave to the software the role of creating your aligners according to what it detects; but only our expertise allows us to design a real quality solution that will suit every detail of your smile. We know the unfeasible moves and how we have to construct the treatment.

Discover our smile gallery

before after orthodontic treatment dents-orthodontie-appareil-dentaire
cabinet-dentaire-chirurgien-dentiste-paris avant-apres-traitement-orthodontique
dents-orthodontie-appareil-dentaire orthodontiste-paris-16-alignement-dentaire

Orthodontist or dentist ?

Why undergo orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist rather than a dentist or dental center?

If a dentist is able to offer orthodontic treatment, choosing the expertise of your orthodontist in Paris will always be the best option. In fact, in my profession, I am described as a specialist in orthodontics because I have four years of additional training, which required an entry and exit examination.

The expertise is found in the rehabilitation of the problems of straightening teeth, correcting malocclusions and dentofacial orthopedics. Thanks to our training and years of experience, we can manage the most complex cases such as underbite, surgical cases (Cl2, Cl3, etc.), or those with extraction. Here we are in the best position to choose the most suitable treatment option for you.

Also, we highlight the advantage that in our orthodontic practice in Paris, it will always be me, Doctor Nathalie Topolanski, who will follow you in your treatment. In a dental center, you cannot be guaranteed to be followed throughout your treatment by the same practitioner. It can be a source of anxiety and stress when you have to switch from one practitioner to another.

When you come to my office, rest assured that I will follow you from the start to the end of your treatment. This is very important in order to monitor your progress and to always support you in a highly personalized way (to reassure you, to listen to you, to know your file perfectly, etc.).

Our orthodontic treatments for adults in Paris

I practice all orthodontic treatments for adults in Paris. I am a Qualified Specialist in ODF graduated from the Faculty of Nantes which teaches the progressive organic technique, in other words without extraction. I am therefore able to offer you the orthodontic treatment that will best suit your problem. Within my office, I offer:

  • Invisible orthodontics by aligners: these are treatments using transparent aligners.
  • Ceramic orthodontics: treatment with discrete white or transparent braces.

Orthodontics using ceramic braces in Paris

In my practice, I also offer the technique of ceramic orthodontics, made from white or transparent braces. With the latest improvements in this technique, our patients can benefit from aesthetically beneficial treatments as well. Because, if invisible orthodontics using splints is very efficient, it is also more expensive than conventional orthodontics.

Thus, I make sure to work in depth each type of treatment in order to meet all the expectations of our patients. It is also a very good alternative that adults are asking for more and more. It remains a discreet option and adapts to the daily life of professional life.